Monday, February 23, 2009

Two Shows - Two Awards

© 2009 Greg Allikas - Paphiopedilum Vintage Venus 'K.C. Lim'
HCC/AOS, 79pts
(Paph. venustum x Paph. Vintage Harvest)
Exhib: Kerry Richards
Martin County OS; 1-30-09
NS=12.0, NSV=7.8; DSW=5.4, DSL=5.2; PW=3.8, PL=6.0; LSW=3.2, LSL=4.4; LW=2.7, LL=5.4

© 2009 Greg Allikas - Paphiopedilum Vintage Venus 'Christina Richards'
AM/AOS, 82pts
(Paph. venustum x Paph. Vintage Harvest)
Exhib:Springwater Orchids
Boca Raton OS; 2-14-09
NS=10.6, NSV=7.9; DSW=5.2, DSL=5.0; PW=3.0, PL=5.1; LSW=3.3, LSL=3.4; LW=2.9, LL=5.1


  1. Nice that you show the award data. Very cool to have a judging blog. Yay!

  2. I saw this post when it was new and wondered what comments would be made. If you saw the pictures blindly and were asked to identify which had the been judged an HCC and which an AM - would your answer match the awards? Mine wouldn't. These two awards were given by the same center just two weeks apart...

  3. Very interesting to have the two awards (and photos) next to each other. Is it fair to assume that the photos are the award photos that will eventually be published once the award is processed? One thing these illustrate is how important the 'attitude' of the flower in the photo can be when expressing the flower's beauty and awardability - the upper photo seems to have been taken straight on with the flower, giving it a sense of weight while lower photo appears to have been taken at a slight angle.

  4. Yes, these are the actual award photos Bob. I think it is fair to say that both photos were taken at the same angle: directly on-axis to the center of the flower. That is how I shoot most award photos. As is often the case with orchids, especially Paphs, they are not truly symmetrical. Even the top flower which is "pretty symmetrical" shows the LH petal to be slightly larger then the RH petal. The bottom flower is even less symmetrical. The horizontal axis is going downhill to the left and the pouch is slightly skewed that direction also. If you look at the synsepal - what you can see of it behind the pouch - you will see it is the same width on both sides. But the inner margin at the top of the pouch is wider on the left. Your point is well taken though and I personally disdain Paph photos that are taken from too low of an angle.