Saturday, April 18, 2009

Rhynchorides Norma

This plant received a lot of oooohs and ahhhs from some judges at last month's West Palm Beach regional judging so I thought I would post the award photo. Next week I will post a shot of the C. mossiae that got an FCC at today's Fl-Carib judging.

Rhynchorides Norma'Sweet Fragrance' AM/AOS, 85pts
(Aer. Bangkok x Rhy. gigantea)
Exhib: Carol Joyce
West Palm Beach judging; 3-28-09
NS=4.2, NSV=4.1; DSW=1.3, DSL=2.1; PW=1.2, PL=1.4; LSW=1.8, LSL=1.6; LW=1.7, LL=1.8
Sixty two flowers and forty two buds on three slightly arched inflorescences.


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