Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Changing Security Settings for Computers using Vista/Windows 7

Some of our subscribers have recently found an easier method to change the settings on Vista:
1. Click on Start, then Run
2. In Open: type Ms Config
3. Then type Tools/Disable UAC
4. Then reboot.
You may have to do Step 2 below if you load the program, but the newly installed program gives an error message about “insufficient privileges”.

Windows 7
Step 1:
From the Desktop screen of a Windows 7 computer:

1. Click on Start
2. Double click on the picture icon just over the User's name on top of the Menu.
3. Click on Change User Account Control Settings.
4. Slide bar down to Never Notify
5. Click on OK which should restart the computer.
6. After the computer is restarted, install AQ Plus program. (Do not start AQ Plus program.

Step 2:
Make sure AQ Plus off and not minimized, and left with User in the off position
1. Left click on Start
2. Left click on My Computer.
3. Right click on c:\Program Files\aq4.0\ … (or c:\Program Files (x86)\aq4.0 in some AQ 4.0 installs)
4. Right click on Properties
5. Left click on Security tab
6. Click on Edit
7. Highlight... Users (usually with your identification name)
8. Now check off Full Control and all boxes below
9. Then click on Apply. (You will see it change the items in the folder.)
10. Click on OK.

Step 3:
After Step 2 takes, and the Full Control is on the Users Account, you should go back and do Step 1 again.
This time when you get to 4., slide bar back up to the default position, second from top. You will now be able to run AQ Plus in the User Account mode with full protection.

Howard Bronstein 03/11/2010


  1. Shouldn't step 2, substep 8 be "Now check on Full Control..." rather than off?

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